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Our obstetricians in Jacksonville Beach have a unique approach to the way we treat our patients and their prenatal care.

We believe that you should feel perfectly comfortable with your obstetrician throughout your entire pregnancy. We also believe you should be familiar with the face that will be delivering your new bundle of joy. Unfortunately, in many practices an unwritten rule has been to have whoever is available work with patients. We consider this like a game of “OB musical chairs” and we have chosen to offer unparalleled personal care and support.

VIP Obstetrics in Jacksonville

Beaches OB/GYN provides diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic obstetrics services for women throughout their entire child-bearing ages. We strive to provide patients with care in a setting that is comfortable and welcoming. Our doctors are dedicated to giving appropriate and exceptional treatment individualized to each patient’s situation.

Obstetric Services we provide:

  • A thorough initial obstetrics evaluation along with an in-depth interview and informational meeting to discuss any and all questions you may have regarding your pregnancy, delivery, and other health management concerns.
  • Exclusive visits with your doctor. We are proud to say that we strive to ensure every visit to Beaches OBGYN will be with your personal doctor. It is also our practice to ensure that you will be delivered by one of our doctors, not an on-call doctor that has never met you or who knows nothing of your situation and history.
  • Trimester screenings during visits to keep you and the doctor informed of your baby’s growth and well being. Screenings include: Ultrasound Evaluations, Second Trimester screenings for Down’s Syndrome, neural tube defects, and other congenital disorders.
  • During delivery we ensure all of our patients are comfortable in a private birthing and post-partum suite.

Our practice delivers babies at Baptist Medical Center: Beaches. We love delivering patients there because the suites are specifically designed for labor and delivery and provide patients with many of the amenities of home. The suites are designed for the full birthing process, from labor through recovery/postpartum care. Patient rooms are furnished with rocking chairs for mom and dad, state-of-the-art flat screen TV, windows with garden views perfect for keeping mom and baby calm and comfortable.

Our philosophy is that bringing a new member into your family is an honor and privilege and we want to make the entire process as pleasant and comfortable as we can.

We also offer a full range of women’s health and gynecologic services, including routine well-woman health care, problematic gynecology care, and minimally invasive procedures as well as endometrial ablation and robot DaVinci surgery.

Doctor’s Bordelon and Rodriguez have over three decades of experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology. They recognize that childbirth can be a challenging process for families and they work to balance modern medical practice with a deliberate, calm demeanor.

Our OB GYN Clinic is minutes from Jax Beach and is conveniently located from Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra and all around Jacksonville.

At Beaches OB/GYN, we make every effort to provide the attentive care and comfort you deserve and expect at every visit through to the delivery of your precious newborn.

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VIP ObstetricsVIP Obstetrics
  • Office visits with your personal physician
  • All patients will have a private birthing and postpartum suite.

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