Telemedicine Consults

In an effort to increase access to women’s health during this challenging time, we are offering telemedicine consults.

This service is open to new and existing patients.

Just text: “Request telemedicine consult” to 904-441-6725 or use the messenger on the bottom right corner of this web page. 



Telemedicine consults are available for issues like:

  • Birth control refills or initiation (you will need a recent BP reading).
  • Prescription refills.
  • Hormone therapy counseling.
  • Treatment of previously diagnosed herpes infections.
  • Treatment of bacterial vaginosis or vaginal yeast infections (not recommended if this issue is recurrent).
  • Treatment of simple UTIs (not recommended if this issue is recurrent).

VIP ObstetricsVIP Obstetrics
  • Office visits with your personal physician
  • All patients will have a private birthing and postpartum suite.

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